Monday, September 20, 2010

Monthly Newsletter on Green Cars & Transportation

Tomorrow, I'll be launching a monthly email newsletter through my side business, LeSage Communications (which uses the phrase, "Getting the word out on green cars and transportation." And features a cool logo image with a tire swing hanging from a tree -- thank you, brother-in-law Dennis.) And a month from now, there will be a freebie whitepaper available with the working title, "10 Things You Should Know About Green Machines." Doing my homework has been educational -- have to know something about what you say you know something about, right? Articles in this month's edition include: "Four Green Car Buyer Segments to Reach," "The Greenest Oil Company," and a table showing off "They’re Heeeerrrrre! Electric Vehicles Entering Dealer Lots by Year’s End." If you'd like to be put on the newsletter list, let me know... And I also call on readers to consider posting stuff on Green Machine Digest, so don't forget about that one too, -- there are comments you can post after any article, and you can be a guest commentator, with whatever title and topic of expertise you choose. That's the beauty of blogs.

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Got it, very cool!