Friday, September 10, 2010

Car Sharing Part of Megalopolis Traffic Solution

As mentioned, there are those who have little interest in the benefits of green machines and believe the problem is much bigger - overpopulation and more people every year moving to cities, becoming one of many "megalopolis" regions around the world. Getting cars off the road is part of their solution, along with public transit, biking, and having people live closer to work and shopping to get there by foot. Car sharing is attractive to those concerned about destruction of urban centers, and that would include architects and city planners. There's a good article in Earth2Tech about people using the internet, especially social media, to manage their own car sharing experience. Zipcar is the largest brand in car sharing so far, and others are getting into the game, including car rental. There are a lot of nonprofit groups in neighborhoods that users are putting together for their own car sharing network. Expect to see more growth in this area. The auto industry may need to support this trend, too, even though OEMs don't like it since it means less cars sold per year.

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