Thursday, April 21, 2011

Synthetic Bio-based Motor Oil for Earth Day -- Look for More of this Soon

So how does bio-based synthetic motor oil, made from a blend of American grown base oils, sound to you? It could reduce our addiction to foreign, imported oil, and from petroleum. So you'd get to make a contribution to the US economy, reduce the power of OPEC nations and the cost of foreign oil imports, remove offshore oil spills, help out your pocketbook as oil prices skyrocket, and reduce noxious emissions into the atmosphere. Sounds pretty good to me!

In Celebration of Earth Day, Green Earth Technologies, Inc., a US manufacturer and marketer of "green" environmentally safer consumer packaged goods and products, has a campaign to "Change Your Oil, Change the World!", encouraging consumers to switch from their current petrochemical motor oil brand to G-OIL, the world's first and only American Petroleum Institute (API) Service SM Certified 5W-30 Bio-based Full Synthetic Motor Oil, grown and made in the USA. The company says the bio-based full synthetic motor oil provides superior performance and protection during the maximum oil change intervals recommended by vehicle manufacturers.

I think we're going to see a lot more synthetic motor oil and engine fuel in the next few years. As mentioned, oil prices are rising, government regulations toughening up, and a lot of consumers want freedom from oil addiction, improved pocketbook efficiency, and cleaner air. 

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