Monday, April 18, 2011

HELP!!! Your feedback needed on what should be covered as Automotive Digest Weekly Green goes daily

Before too long, Automotive Digest Weekly Green will become daily and called Green Automotive Digest Daily. We very much need to get reader feedback on what people want to know about green cars and fuels. So this is where you come into the picture…

How this works:
Read my concept (below) for daily newsletter subjects, and themes/topics that will be addressed. Keep in mind that breaking news stories will be covered every day – so it won’t just be about these topics each day.
Send me a reply email with your thoughts on the subject –, or post a comment on this blog.

Here are some questions that might be useful for you to think about as you read the concept…

  • How much would this grab your attention? 
  • Would everything be covered that you’d want to read about? 
  • Is there anything missing that you want to read about? 
  • Would this stand out and be distinctive from other news and information sources you’re accessing on green cars and fuels, or that you have some familiarity with? 
  •  Any other thoughts on the subject? 

Having said that, here’s my concept for the format I’m thinking of about creating…

Monday: Green machines
Plug-in electric vehicles, hybrids, fuel cell vehicles, natural gas vehicles, propane conversions, flexible fuel vehicles, clean diesel engines, and fuel efficient gas engines. Plus, other green transportation modes – racing, motorcycles, jets, boats, big rigs, etc.

Tuesday: Clean energy and fuels
Battery technology, electricity plant power sources, renewables, biofuels, natural gas, propane autogas, hydrogen, and synthetic fuels.

Wednesday: Traffic gridlock solutions
Car sharing, mass transit, fleet management, vanpools, group transportation, bicycling, HOV lanes, telematics and navigation systems, vehicle safety, and intelligent vehicles and roads of the future.

Thursday: Smart cleantech
Charging stations, smart grids, connectivity, technology innovations, energy efficiency, hydrogen highways, green automaking and marketing, and corporate sustainability programs.

Friday: Best of this week
Reruns, highlights, and summaries of the editorial content from Monday through Thursday editions, covering all four daily categories and important news.

Themes and topics to cover:
  • Gasoline and diesel prices 
  • Recovering from our oil addiction 
  • Political battles and regulatory mandates 
  • Environmentalist group action 
  • Problems and uphill climbs faced by green vehicles and fuels 
  • The latest in charging, connectivity, and smart apps 
  • Green vehicle launches and makeovers 
  • Significant happenings around the world 
  • Advanced, innovative automotive technology 
  • Renewable energy and fuel 
Your comments, suggested changes, viewpoints, questions, diatribes, insults, prophetic visions, shopping lists, etc. – whatever else you want to include with your feedback.

Rewards of taking this survey:
  • You will have a positive effect on a media source that some people read and take seriously, and that influences their decisions on green machines and fuels. 
  • If there are a few things I need to know about this editorial structure concept, tell me, even if I don’t want to hear it. Especially if I don’t want to hear it. 
  • I will only have good things to say about you! 
So go for it! Thank you, in advance.

Jon LeSage

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