Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nissan Leaf Value of Zero Ad Spot Aimed at 3 Interest Groups

Nissan is showing a clever commercial called, "The Value of Zero," which rolls through images of zeroes including a frog's eye, a chalkboard numeral, a bald man's top of head, a pregnant woman's tummy. The benefits of zero, according to the ad spot are:

1. Zero dependency on foreign oil
2. Zero pollutants in the environment
3. Zero depletion of the ozone

Like other green vehicle and fuel marketing, this is attempting to reach three interest groups, which for many people cross over to varied beliefs and opinions:

1. Foreign oil -- could include George W. Bush, T. Boone Pickens, and millions of others with resentment towards the oil industry and OPEC.
2. Pollutants -- this is the classic concern about smog spewing from a car's tailpipe.
3. Depletion of the ozone -- addresses those concerned about climate change and global warming.

So, some people would agree with all three statements, some one out of three. A lot of people could care less about any of it, as long as they get gas in their car, money in their wallet, and food on the table. The Nissan ad is designed with a bit more sophistication, and is aimed at those with knowledge and opinions on the power and negative impact of traditional gas-powered vehicles and the oil needed to run them. Who would care enough to buy a Leaf.

"Suddenly zero starts adding up... Zero is worth everything," the ad says.


boyton beach nissan altima said...

Ohh! this car is really an environmental friendly car. I would like to make this leaf as my family member.

Corpus Christi Nissan said...

There are so many benefits that come with driving an EV like the Nissan Leaf. A clean environment is one of them.