Monday, February 28, 2011

Hyundai Hybrid Ad Snipes at Prius, Other Moments in Oscar Awards

Hyundai did most of the automotive advertising during the Academy Awards last night as it becomes more aggressive and big spending in the US market for its Hyundai and Kia products. It seems to be working for them. One commercial stood out promoting the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid. The voice over said, "It's not the first hybrid, but it might be yours." So, there are actually other hybrids on the market besides the Prius and you might like the Sonata Hybrid even more, the ad suggests.

Overall, the Oscars were a bit lackluster even with their amusing young co-hosts Anne Hathaway and James Franco. "The King's Speech" winning all the major awards took some of the wind out of the sales of the Oscars appealing to younger demographics. Hathaway and Franco could banter and be cute together, but it was still the Oscars, for better or worse.

As for other green moments, two stood out. "Let's Pollute" was nominated for best animated short movie, and "Gasland" for best documentary. "Let's Pollute" offers a satire on old educational student movies instructing people how to be better polluters for a better blighted tomorrow. "Gasland" showed an image of a man nearly burning himself to death turning on his kitchen stove, living right near a shale field where "fracking" is being done for natural gas. Natural gas vehicles are part of a tough climate now with pressure on natural gas safety as fracking grows by leaps and bounds each year.

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