Monday, February 14, 2011

Jets Joining Green Flyers Club, 1 Million EV Club, Fuel Economy Numbers

B-B-B-B-Bennie and the Green Jets... Jet airlines and fuel suppliers have pressure to go clean and green and that will probably increase as private/small jets grow in volume on a daily basis. BioJet International Ltd. has received a whopping $1.2 billion of financial backing from Equity Partners Fund SPC. The massive amount of capital will allow BioJet, an international supplier of renewable aviation fuels, to fund its biofuel development and launch projects aimed at expanding the use of renewable feedstocks.

Not Joining the 1 Million EV Club: Center for Automotive Research has estimated the national distribution patterns of electric-drive vehicles across the U.S. over the next four years and concluded that 469,000 EVs should be on American roads in 2015. That figure does not include the number of electric-drive vehicles sold before 2012. So, CAR doesn't think President Obama's State of the Union vision that a million electric cars will be on the road by 2015. 

Figuring Out Fuel Economy Numbers: And what about new window stickers and EPA mileage ratings on all the brand new green machines coming to dealer lots? According to Denise McCluggage at The Detroit Bureau, "these figures are best considered an index, numbers to be compared with those on the sticker on other cars. You can infer from them a general idea how each vehicle might do in your hands. And under your right foot. And with your traffic and your hills and your climate and your altitude. And attitude."

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