Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Anti-Gore Movie, Pro Clean and Green

Anti-Gore: A new movie is coming out soon called Carbon Nation, and is positioning itself as an anti-Al Gore climate change movie. The premise is that you don’t have to believe in the science of climate change to watch the movie and want to support clean power and greener transportation, which may be more viable as clean energy and green transportation take root. Perhaps "global warming" and "climate change" are not going to be user-friendly terms to use anymore. The United Nations might have to change its conference name.

Automakers Get Feisty: According to Automotive News... "Auto companies are resurgent financially and attracting support from powerful Republicans in Congress, placing them on firmer ground to challenge moves toward even stricter U.S. fuel-efficiency standards. While the industry touts cleaner burning engines and is more serious about batteries for hybrids and electric plug-ins, car companies are seeking to slow or ease any requirement to nearly double efficiency by 2025 to 60 miles per gallon." Two years ago, automakers were more sweetly reasonable about the goals set by the Obama administration, and which also became more pressing in the European Union. Now, things are changing.

Obama Budget Bummer: The administration's proposed budget will raise the hackles of some in the green/alternative fuels and energy arena. Ironically or not, one of those groups just had its annual convention this week -- National Hydrogen Association, which now goes by the name of Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Association. The Obama administration proposed cutting research for hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles and ending a clean-diesel grant program, while promoting the market for electric cars.

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