Monday, October 4, 2010

Car Rental Companies Not Just Jelly Bean Counters

Car-rental company Avis Budget Group ordered 500 electric vehicles from Renault, taking to the next step the companies' February agreement to increase the number of EVs that are available for rent to the public. The EVs will be available to customers in certain European countries by the end of 2011. Avis joins Hertz and Enterprise Rent-A-Car in bringing EVs to their fleet. Hertz will add Nissan Leaf EVs by early next year, and Enterprise will add 500 Leafs by the fall. Having covered car rental companies during the 1990s, it's interesting to see these companies looking at more than their usual fleet acquisitions - available and affordable jelly bean cars with very little in the way of amenities. That is changing - now you can get navigation systems, satellite radio, electric cars, and other options. Things have changed.


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Electronic Vehicles are growing in market now-a-days and in the coming days they will be popular product.
At this time, Toyota makes an entry of some super EVs which may be popular in the coming days.

Jon LeSage said...

That's true - there's a lot of enthusiasm for EVs coming to dealer lots soon. The sales should be strong.

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