Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Public Hearing on New EPA Window Stickers

There's a lot of debate going on about the EPA's suggested revised window stickers - A through D ratings, CO2 tailpipe emissions, annual fuel cost, etc. Tomorrow night I’ll be attending a public hearing that the Environmental Protection Agency is hosting on the new fuel economy label for car window stickers in downtown LA. Something is going to replace the City/Highway stickers we’ve been seeing at dealerships since 1980. There’s been much brouhaha about it from the car business especially from dealers who have to sell these cars – whether the grades A to D should appear, and if it’s clear enough for the typical car buyer to figure out when they’re shopping. I share some of those concerns, but I do understand that something needs to change with all the electric vehicles and alternative fuel vehicles coming to market. They’re considering different categories – electric vehicles, plug-in hybrid EVs, compressed natural gas, and flex fuel. And different structures for presenting the data on accurate miles per gallon and CO2 tailpipe emissions. I will be attending the meeting with a Flip camera and notepad. Perhaps there will be shouting and gnashing of teeth – can’t wait!

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