Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blended Gasoline a No No for Many Car and Machine Buffs

Some people are quite upset that ethanol makes up 10% of the gasoline at 70% of US gas stations. And the fact that the number will be going up to 15% eventually under EPA rules. These critics include motorcycle and vintage/classic car drivers, along with owners of boats, snowmobiles and garden tractors, who don't get the same kind of performance out of E10 as they do out of pure gasoline. Here's what the New York Times has to say about it:

"Restorers of vintage cars point to problems caused by the decay of older rubber components like seals, gaskets and flexible fuel lines, which can deteriorate when exposed to ethanol-blend fuels. Some replacement parts are available in modern materials that resist alcohol damage, but not all are."

The ethanol/biodiesel industry is doing well supplying gas stations with ethanol for gasoline blends. There's also pressure from the federal government to increase the volume of renewable fuel distributed in the country. It's the source of conflict for various interest groups, and the pressure will be increasing.

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