Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Airplane Airpollution

Australian airliner Qantas has a joint venture with a company called Solena that will convert commercial waste to biofuel to reduce the airliner's carbon footprint. A similar plant being built with British Airways in London, due to come on line in 2014, will convert up to 500,000 tons of waste a year into 73 million liters of green jet fuel, according to Wall Street Journal. The Qantas plant will use scraps and other household material such as grass and tree cuttings and agricultural and industrial waste as a feedstock for the fuel.
This is great, however there's a market trend that will factor into air traffic air pollution - and safety. Private jets are growing by leaps and bounds, some of them quite small and hard to notice. They're also producing more carbon emissions and can take away some of the benefits that the airline industry is gaining through its Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group. It's something to think about and watch for.

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