Friday, August 13, 2010

3 Things You Should Know About Social Media from AD Publisher Chuck Parker

Watch Chuck Parker, industry veteran and publisher of Automotive Digest, give a video presentation to dealerships on new video platforms and social media – the primary methods effective communications can be brought to busy people. This is extremely relevant for ADW Green readers and all parts of the auto industry – to anyone in the business world, for that matter. He talks about what Automotive Digest has been seeing happening lately with social media – especially Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The point being that dealer managers are all part of their own tribes – people they know, influence, touch, and bring into sales and marketing every day. Groups of people who influence each other and bring things together. Chuck says that social media is like exercising and going to the gym – you’ve got to do it every day for it to work. Someone needs to block out time every day – what’s going on with the dealership for customers, new services, community events, etc.

Chuck wanted to make three main points on making social media work: Make your people aware they’re part of their own tribes. Consider designating or hiring a social media champion to make as much presence in social media platforms as possible so that your dealership becomes part of the algorithms of search engines. Look at training packages being offered to dealers on making social media work. He invites people to email or call him with any questions, which is what social media is all about.

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